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Vox AD120VTX

Vox AD120VTX

Vox AD120VTX

VOX AD120VTX 120 Watt Stero, 2x12" Combo Neodog Speakers As with the other models in the Valvetronix range, the new AD120VTX 120 watt stereo combo features a preamp section utilizing Korg's REMS systems delivering legendary VOX as well as re-creating every detail, every nuance of a collection of the world's most sought after guitar amplifiers. The AD120VTX includes an enhanced Valve Reactor power amp section that recreates classic tube power amp response with breathtaking accuracy. Valve Reactor does this by changing parameters, including class of operation (class A or A/B) and negative feedback settings, for each modeled amp. This patented design utilizes a tube power amp with an output transformer electronically coupled to a solid-state power circuit in such a way that the relationship between the output tubes, output transformer, and speakers is unaltered. And on the subject of speakers, the AD120VTX sports two of the new, ultra-efficient Celestion NeoDog 12" drivers, capable of shifting serious amounts of tone-laden air. Specifications: AMP MODELS: 16 types EFFECTS: 21 types (Drive: 10 types, Modulation: 5 types, Delay: 3 types, Reverb: 3 types) PROGRAMS: 32 (8 Bank x 4 Channel) IN/OUTPUTS: 2 x Guitar Input (High, Low), Stereo Loop Return, 1 x Headphone, Stereo Left & Right Line Out, Stereo Left & Rigt External Speaker Out, 1 x Foot Controller SPEAKER: 2 x 12" Celestion NeoDog driver POWER OUTPUT: 2 x 60W RMS@8ohm TUNER: Auto Chromatic Tuner [Measurement range: 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7), Calib. A=438-445 Hz] DIMENSIONS: 699(W) x 267(D) x 559(H) mm / 27.52"(W) x 10.51"(D) x22"(H) WEIGHT: 26.2kg / 57.76 lbs OPTIONS: VC-4 & VC-12 VOX FOOT CONTROLLER

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